Camel Camp

Luxury Camping is one of our VIP Services

We have 2, 4, & 6 person canvas tents available, either traditional Bell tents or the elegant Touareg tents, in the style of the Nomadic tribes of North Africa.

We build lovely camps at all kinds of events, complete with a reception tent, and central meeting, seating, shade areas.

The tents come already for you in two specs: CLASSIC or SULTANS CHOICE.

CLASSIC comes equipped with floor rugs, door mats, airbeds, and solar light.

SULTANS CHOICE comes as above plus full bedding package (sheets, 13.5 tog duvets, pillows etc.) camp chairs, side tables, tea light lanterns, bunting, and welcome pack.

All our tents are top quality canvas, unlike modern tents, they keep refreshingly cool on a hot summer day. They are all spacious with good ventilation, and built in ground sheets.

We provide tea, coffee, and cereal every morning at most camps.

Camel Camp means, no pitching in the wind and rain, no carrying your camping gear miles across the festival. Camel Camp will be ready, located in a premium position, just waiting for you.


Our luxury option, fully equipped and all ready for you.

Your Sultans Choice tent comes with floor rugs, airbeds and lovely fresh cotton sheets, warm 13.5 tog duvets, and pillows etc., handy side tables, camp chairs, beautiful tea light lanterns, a jute door mat, colourful bunting and a Welcome Pack.

Our camps are usually arranged around a central seating, meeting and relaxing area. located at a premium spot at the event.

We provide tea, coffee, and cereal every morning from the camp reception tent

Our aim is to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

We have 2, 4, & 6 person tents available.

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