We look after you 24/7

Medical coverage on site is 24/7

Our medics are all highly trained and used to working at Festivals

Festival goers have a responsibilty to themselves and their families. friends with them. This means keeping out of harms way, not wandering into restricted areas; not to over indulge!! ; keep eyes on children at all times ( there are lots of things for children to do on site but no official Kids Zone this year) and remember at all times the hazards that can present themsleves if in the wrong place.

BUT accidents do happen and that is why we have medics on hand to deal with minor and major incidents by chance they should they occur.

The Medics HQ is next to the Stewards HQ at the back of the Stage 1 Arena. Not only is this the medical centre but also the Lost Child reuniting area. DBS qualified staff will be in attendance ans any lost children will be safely looked. A special leaflet is attached which we would like everyone to familiarise themsleves with.