Security & Stewarding

Your Safety is our prime concern

We have a specialist team of dedicated, experienced stewards lead by our Steward Manager, Sheila and a very professional team of Security Officers lead by Tim Gollop our Head of Security and a medical team lead by Lloyd Voller

You will not find our stewards or security marching around looking for trouble, they are trained to simply blend into the background. They will be visible, so you know your safety is being monitored, otherwise they are there to make sure you have a safe and happy experience at the festival ...Simples!

If you need directions or any other festival related advice, then please talk to one of our Stewards who will help you. If you are concerned about an aspect of safety, speak to one of our Security Officers or indeed to a steward. For medical matters speak to a steward who will call up a medic for you if one is not near you at the time.

Want to join us as a Steward?

Do you have what it takes? Our Stewards are some of the best on the business. Friendly, professional and loyal. They work hard and have great fun doing so.

We believe in equal opportunity for all and welcome all comers to apply*

In return for 16 hours work spread over 4 shifts throughout the weekend, you will receive an entrance ticket, be fed and watered and a festival T shirt + a lot of music, friendship & fun !

If you would like to join our Stewards Team please email MIKE SANDS to receive an application form

*Applicants must be 18 years or over

Stewards, Security and Medics are located at the arena entrance Do not hestiatate to call in if you have ANYTHING you are concerned about . We are heree help. THe Steward HQ is open from 9am to 9pm and there will be an ouit of hours number allocated near the day.